Networking Services

Fast, Secure Networks That Just Work

Networking Services
You want above-and-beyond networking services? Synch-Tech offers design, implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting with NAAS or NOC capabilities.

How you connect to the internet is increasingly important as technology advances. With more than 60 years of combined experience designing, implementing, and maintaining networks, our team at Synchronous Technologies has seen it all — and fixed it all — so we can confidently promise faster, more secure networks, with minimal downtime.

We will improve your network security by hardening your network against unwanted intruders, improve your traffic flow by making your network run more efficiently, and future-proof your network so that it’s scalable and proactively secure.

Our networking expertise:

  1. Network Design – We design for speed and security, optimizing all devices seamlessly, across the entire system. How do we do it? Our designers make sure to create layers of security, so hackers don’t get access to your system. We optimize traffic flows and bottlenecks so that your network runs smoothly and efficiently. We also anticipate your future needs and build your network to accommodate traffic now — and five years from now.
  2. Network Implementation – We can implement your network onsite and after your working hours to minimize impact to your organization. Our goal is to minimize downtime and the harm to your business or organization.
  3. Network Maintenance – We can maintain the network for you or train your staff to properly do the job. We employ a proactive maintenance philosophy, that stops any problems before they cripple or slow your network.
  4. Troubleshooting – We usually start with troubleshooting to fix immediate problems and work with your organization to start planning your future network that will last for the next five years.

We have a complete understanding of all levels of your network, which allows us to create a secure and optimal environment, giving you a fast and secure network that just works.

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