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About Synchronous Technologies

We are one of the largest value-added resellers and service providers for HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the Pacific Northwest, trusted by organizations both large and small to provide comprehensive solutions for their most pressing IT needs.

From managing product life cycles, to data center and networking services, we’ve set ourselves apart over 25+ years of doing business in Washington State by integrating our team seamlessly with that of every company, agency, and school we serve. The gears in our logo represent us working together with you to help your organization thrive.

More than a sales team
We directly service the products that we sell across the entire HP and HPE portfolio. From data centers, to consulting, to networks, we are a one-stop shop. Unlike most resellers, we won’t just sell you a product and walk away. Instead, we work hard to earn your trust in the sales process, and keep it by being a vital contributor to your ongoing IT management. Our wide-ranging product support and service allows your company to manage, upgrade, and troubleshoot your technology at a more efficient cost.

Our clients
Synchronous Technologies works with both public and private customers. We’ve helped large institutions such as Washington Technical Solutions, Tacoma Public Utilities, Washington State Labor and Industries, as well as school districts and municipalities across the state of Washington.

Our business is built on positive, word-of-mouth recommendations, sustained by unparalleled customer service and support. We strive to move beyond the typical reseller relationship by helping your organization meet your complete technology needs.

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