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Equipment Sales



Getting the right equipment can be a challenge. Let Synch-Tech help you in your IT procurement to make sure what you need for your organization is the perfect fit.

Software Imaging


Installing the right software on every computer in your network can be a hassle. No more. Let Synch-Tech set up or optimize a software imaging solution for you.

Deployment & Integration


Synch-Tech offers wide-area and local-area network design and implementation, even handling full data center solutions and wired and wireless infrastructure.

Life-Cycle Management 


From purchase to disposal, Synch-Tech takes care of your hardware and software, including data transfers and wipes, and even recycling and surplussing gear.

DaaS (Device as a Service)

Predict and resolve - Desktop.png

HP TechPulse is a cloud-based telemetry and analytics platform that aggregates critical data from devices and apps, putting deep insights at IT’s fingertips to predict and resolve device issues.

Synch-Tech brings true expertise to data center design, installation, and relocation. Want added value? How about 24-hr support and virtualization services.


On-Site Warranty Services

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