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Deployment & Integration
Make Sure Your Equipment Just Works

Synchronous Technologies installs and configures data centers and networks with one goal in mind: minimum maintenance and hassle. Our expertise in data center configuration, design, and implementation, paired with our knowledge of networks, storage and servers, creates a fast and easy technology deployment.

Our dynamic configuration settings also allow you to freely move computers, phones, and peripherals throughout the network without any additional setup required.


Secure solutions
We will protect your wired and wireless networks using the latest security protocols, keeping intruders out and your devices safe. Investing in a truly secure network ultimately saves you the time, hassle and money of troubleshooting a less secure network.

Zero-downtime solutions
We will also make sure your network stays online, even during maintenance, with zero downtime. For example, we implemented a complete network configuration for a school in Sumner, WA.

Beginning work on a Thursday night, the entire network was up and ready by the next morning. The school didn’t have to sacrifice operations because of network maintenance — and neither should you. Bottom line, as your design, deployment, and integration team, we make sure your equipment just works.

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