Life-Cycle Management and Device as a Service (DAAS)

We Manage and Service On-Site

Life-Cycle Management and Device as a Service (DAAS)
From purchase to disposal, Synch-Tech takes care of your hardware and software, including data transfers and wipes, and even recycling and surplussing gear.

How does it work? It starts during purchasing, when we make recommendations to find the perfect devices to meet your organization’s needs — and get you special pricing on your purchases. Then we can receive, asset tag, add them to your inventory, apply software, install, and configure each device for your customers. After delivering and installing your equipment, we can manage warrantees, pull out old equipment at the end of its life, delete it from inventory, then wipe and destroy or surplus the device.

If reading about life-cycle management feels like a lot of work, imagine actually doing the work yourself.

Now imagine leaving this work in the care of meticulous experts and focusing on what you’re passionate about.

Our promise
We will provide unparalleled  support, taking care of you from prepurchase, to installation, to warranty. When you’re finished with a device, we wipe and scrape all software and tags from your drives and other equipment, so that your information is secure. You’ll stay in compliance and have the documentation to prove it.

Freeing up your staff
Our product life-cycle management is a recipe for IT efficiency, allowing your techs to do more with less. We will affordably handle all the routine tasks that drain your staff’s time so that they can better service your users and shorten help desk wait times.

More efficient techs and a friendly bottom line? That’s a combination that’s tough to beat.

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